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Being alive

Being alive

Is cuddling with my cushions – or with people I adore

Is being looked at with those greedy eyes

My thirst for being better than …

I love the sushi, love the fashion, love the bodies

Love the tables, love the numbers, love the brain

It’s not to bad when people call me smart

I could actually live off of that

I balance my life on my pinkie

I love games

All sorts

I love to scratch the shit out of you while sucking your dick

Not too bad

But I’d never tell you

You gotta tell me

I love that green smoke running through my veins

It makes me chill

It makes me stop

Having to think about all the stupidity in the world

My bed is my castle

Nobody can hurt me here

It’s like the soft cloud that hasn’t been invented yet

Or the rest is dust and it just feels like a cloud

I don’t know

I don’t care

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